Our history
2002 - Tour agency "SONATA" was founded by V. Osyka.
2003 - "Study abroad" program for students and scholars was started.
2003 - SONATA started providing trips for Ukrainian businessmen.
2004 - First consulting services in the field of visas and travel documents were provided.
2004 - Sonata sent the first group of students through Work and Travel program.
2006 - Founding of “SONATA-Travel” tour operator that specializes in tour development and retail, specifically to the USA, Canada, Israel, Italy, UK and many other countries.
2007 - SONATA opened it’s inbound tourist options.
2008 - We became an accredited IATA agent (International Air Transport Association)
2008 - SONATA became one of the first companies to start abroad employment programs.
2009 - Our first franchising office was established.
2013 - The number of our franchising offices throughout Ukraine exceeded 30.